Importance of Magnesium


The use of magnesium salts was presented at the Second Global Symposium of Montreal (Canada).

The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) recommends the use of magnesium in its various forms.

Dr. Schrumpf-Pierron shows that in areas where magnesium is abundant it is unusual to find as many diseases are proliferated excessively where scarce.

In the II World Congress O.M.M.A. (World Organization of Alternative Medicine) was demonstrated the usefulness and necessity of the salts of magnesium to conserve, restore and improve health.


Magnesium acts as a regulator against diseases. According to Dr. Delbet demonstrated, its action on the white cells in the blood doubles its effectiveness.

Regulates the functioning of the body and blood vessels.

In Osteoarthritis which is caused by poor ratio of Calcium, Magnesium solubilizes the calcium excess, providing a smooth functioning of the muscles and bone regeneration.

As for KIDNEY STONES, GALL, etc., acts similarly, prevents their formation in people, helps to dissolve them, facilitating their expulsion.

With respect to excess CHOLESTEROL, Magnesium cleans and relaxes blood vessels, lessening its harmful effects.

In addition, Magnesium solves the problem of constipation by increasing the activity of the intestinal mucous and by balancing their production.

The use of magnesium salts in cases of inflammation of the prostate, is widespread in some countries for its good results.

One of the most pervasive problems in lifestyle today is STRESS, Magnesium has a stabilizing effects on the excitability of neurons, preventing anxiety states.


Our magnesium salts are removed by evaporation of the waters of the lagoon of La Higuera, which in former times was the famous resort of San Jose, visited by many people from Spain and other countries, for the benefits that salts offered to health.

Its use for health is known from time immemorial but there is a book dating from 1780, entitled New Properties of Salt, Dissertation medical psycho that show in which the incomparable virtues of Salt Lagoon la Higuera and use show that can you do it for the benefit of human health, written by Don Vicente Ferrer Gorraiz Beaumont and Montesa, public teacher Cabinet of the King.

Today our company wants the benefits of magnesium to be enjoyed by everyone, so market our salts, from which arise the beneficial effects, so can be available to everyone.

This water that is very rich in MAGNESIUM, once evaporated, precipitated, and we collect and prepare by natural processes for different uses.